Top 5 Places You Must See In Portugal!

Published On October 19, 2016 | By Jovany Gerry | Travel

European vacations are known to be expensive, but that isn’t exactly the case with Portugal. Offering the most amazing blend of natural beauty and rich history, this is one of the few countries for one and all. If you are planning your first trip, you might want to be a little extra prepared, so that you can cover more places in a single trip. This post is all about the best places that you just cannot miss.

  1. Porto

Also known as the port wine capital of the world, Porto is high on business and everything else. If you are here, make sure that you visit the wine cellars and take a long walk along the city. Porto is also the commercial capital, so that feeling is also worth enjoying, especially if you have been around the beaches for a longer time.

  1. Faro

Algarve is among the best and well known destinations for beach lovers. Faro is the main capital, which doesn’t have any beaches, but you can take a bus or a water taxi to see the beaches. You can find trains and cars to explore most parts of Algarve, where you have over 100 beaches to explore. Don’t miss Cidade Velha, which is the impressive old town.

  1. Portimão

If you are up for seafood, Portimão is where you should come. Located in Algarve, this place is great for all kinds of travelers. Praia da Rocha is the most known and popular beach here and offers great options to lazy for hours at a stretch. The good thing is there isn’t much to see in Portimão, but for a laidback vacation, nothing gets better than this.


  1. Lagos

Lagos can be accessed by public transport from Faro and is one of the greatest places to see the stunning beaches and incredible nightlife. In fact, for many people, Lagos is the ultimate place in Algarve to stay for longer periods, especially in the summer. You can check with professional tour operators like to get great deals for extended stay here, as a part of Portugal vacation.

  1. Madeira

If you are looking for a stay in Portugal that isn’t anything like rest of the country, Madeira is the place for you. Almost feeling like a tropical island, this is a place that offers great views and the sights of UNESCO-protected laurel forest. The capital of this area is Funchal, which is quite a cosmopolitan city.


Of course, one cannot miss Lisbon in Portugal, which is great for nightlife, food and amazing range of museums and galleries. You will love the limestone buildings that stand for the beauty of the city. Portugal is known for being great on budget, and if you plan in advance, you can save a lot on the best resorts. Make sure that you check for the places that can be covered in a single trip, based on your budget. For costing and budget concerns, tour operators are always the best choice for planning.


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