Your List of Rental Car Must-Haves

Published On January 3, 2017 | By Jovany Gerry | Travel

Deciding on a rental car for your next holiday in Australia can be easy if you’re flying into town and just need a vehicle to get from your hotel to wherever you need to go. If you’re taking a driving holiday, though, or have needs above and beyond simple transportation, you may find that some rental vehicles just don’t work. You’ll need to consider what your needs are before you hire a rental car so you can be certain that it will meet those needs. Here’s a good checklist of things you should consider before you decide on a vehicle.

How Many People Will Be Traveling with You?

The number of people who will be traveling with you in the car is one of the biggest factors in determining the size. If it’s just you, a small two-door car may be all you need. However, if you plan on hiring a car for your family, you may need something that can seat four or five people. There are even some that seat seven or eight. This may be necessary if you have a large group on holiday or if the entire office staff is going to a conference or a retreat.

Will You Be Hauling Any Cargo?

If it’s just you and your luggage, a compact vehicle is probably fine. However, if you’re taking additional baggage, you may want more storage space. This is especially true if there are multiple people traveling with you since you may not have the back seat of your car to use for your luggage. If you’re moving and have hired a vehicle, you may want to go for the vans that seat eight people simply to have all that room for your things. You might also need to look at larger rental cars in Australia if you’re traveling to a trade show or similar event and will need to set up a booth for your business.

Are You Taking a Driving Holiday?

If you’re taking a driving holiday, you either have to make plans to stay in hotels along the way or you need to rent a campervan or motorhome. Both of these vehicles provide you with lodging on the go. Simply find a campground, change up your campervan or motorhome into sleeping mode, and go to bed. Many of these vehicles also have gas stoves, refrigerators, and other amenities so you can even make all your meals on the go. These larger vehicles are perfect if you want to save money on eating out and on lodging.

Are You Concerned About Fuel Economy?

Some vehicles get much better fuel economy than others. If you’re looking to keep your fuel costs down, you’ll want a vehicle that gets great fuel economy. Generally, this means smaller cars. The larger vehicles generally take more fuel. However, going with a campervan or with a motorhome can save you money on lodging and food, which can balance out. It all depends on your budget and what you need.

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